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"Your Satisfaction is Our Priority" 


Restoration Services For You Near You

When you're in need of a dependable Restoration Service, don’t hesitate.  With our team available 24/7 whether by phone or email we will have your home or commercial property looking as good as new in no time.  Our highly trained professional and prompt staff will cater to any of your concerns and restoration needs, even dealing with those pesky insurance companies for you, so call Foothills Cleaning & Restoration today.  If you're unable to get us via phone or by email feel free to reach out to any of the social media platforms!  Links are available below!

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Residential and Commercial Restoration Services!

With over 15 years of experience at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration, we provide professional restoration services for commercial and residential clientele alike.  Trusted with your homes and commercial properties we offer Fire and Smoke Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Damage Removal, and so much more.  Our wide variety of services also include Odor Control, Carpet Cleaning, and Crawlspace Encapsulations.    

Residential Mold Remediation and MORE...

Tired of living with Mold?  Being a local business we take pride in offering only the best services for our customer base.  Whether you need Mold damage restoration or your carpets cleaned you can depend on us.  Our highly trained restoration staff can make your property look good as new!  Taking pride in our work we will spend the extra time and effort in making you feel at home once again after the unexpected strikes.

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Commercial Restorations

When you present your business to the general public you want it looking five stars!  When impacted with water, fire, or mold damage let the professionals help.  With our quick and efficient team of locally trained professionals, we will ensure you’re not losing any more business than you have to.  Our professional cleaning staff will also clean your carpets, tile, and even rugs.  Through our vast knowledge base and ample resources, we will get your business running good as new in no time! 

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Restoration Services We Offer...














Restoration Services Near Me

If you are looking for restoration services near your place, all you need to do is type ‘Restoration services near me’ – And you will get all the details of companies offering restoration services near your home. 

Isn’t that super easy? 

Why Searching for ‘Restoration Services Near Me’ is Helpful?

It is simple, easy and convenient because you will get results related to all those providers which are located near your home. Being locals, companies (like us) will understand your local needs, the existing laws, the climatic problems and the common problems to a certain extent. Besides, you can expect prompt services as travel time is reduced. Also, since the professionals will not have to travel much, you don’t have to worry about paying their transport charges additionally. 

If it is an emergency, you will need restoration services that are near you! They will reach you quickly and provide the necessary help!

Restoration Services Near Me – What are The Services Available?

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration:

As the fire trucks leave, homeowners start assessing the damages and the overall condition of the property. The situation is often disheartening, filling homeowners with anxiety and disappointment. Our professionals are specialists in fire and smoke damage restoration, helping you to get back to your home with their efficient restoration services. You get your home in the earlier condition. Whether it is water damage due to firefighting or presence of suffocating stench or soot – we can help you in getting things under control.

Roofing Restoration:

Roofing restoration is required under different circumstances. It might be an emergency need after big storm, or just a damage which needs repair. We provide high-quality, energy-efficient roofs that are durable enough to provide complete protection to your roof. Restore your roof with protection by our experienced professionals.

Water Damage Restoration:

In case of water damage, time is critical. You need to act fast. Moisture and standing water set the perfect environment for mold and bacteria. Besides, exposure to such a humid atmosphere causes allergic reactions and many diseases as well. Contact us to know more about our water damage restoration services and how we can help!

Wind Damage Restoration:

How do we help? With our professional services we ensure that damage is reversed as much as possible. Wind damage can cause immense damage to the roof, extensive water damage and even structural damage. With our services, we ensure that the property gets back to normal as soon as possible, so that homeowners can get back to their daily life without hassles.

Mold Remediation:

We can help you identify the presence of mold in your property. We have helped several homeowners and residents by identifying the presence of mold. We help residents in not just identifying but also in eradicating the mold. With our mold remediation services, residents can stay healthy and safe.

Tile Cleaning:

No, it’s not easy to clean tile floors by hand. It is a lot of hard work. It is uncomfortable and messy. Besides, if you try it yourself, you will not get professional results. We offer professional tile cleaning services, done by expert specialists. We use the latest techniques and modern machines to clean out all the hidden dirt and for restoring the lost luster.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning:

Cleaning a hardwood floor isn’t easy – it is not just about sweeping and mopping! Cleaning hardwood floors means deep extraction of dirt and debris from the various crevices and cracks. Mopping and sweeping are necessary steps that can help to remove dirt from any surface, but you need to hire professionals if it is about deep cleaning. We can help for all cleaning purposes.

Carpet Cleaning:

If it is anything related to carpet cleaning – you can rely on our services! Whether it is for regular cleaning or just one-time cleaning, our trained professionals are ready to clean the carpets efficiently. We use the latest equipment and techniques to deep clean the carpets. Enhance the life of your carpets and freshen them up with our carpet cleaning services.

Flooring Installation:

We offer specialized flooring installation services for residents and commercial establishments alike. We provide various kinds of floor installation such as wood, carpet, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic and more for our clients. We can assure you that each and every job is done with utmost honesty and with the greatest level of care & customer service.

For professional ‘restoration services near me’ click here or call us at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration!

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