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Water, Fire and Smoke Damage, Mold Removal 


Restoration Services Spruce Pine NC

Has your home fallen to a natural disaster and you’re looking for a restoration company in Spruce Pine NC?  Foothills Cleaning and Restoration can help!  With our highly trained professional staff and their vast knowledge for restoration and professional cleaning services we have your home or business looking like new in no time.  If you’re located in Spruce Pine NC look no further for all your professional cleaning and restoration needs.  We even had insurance claim specialists to help you through every step of the process!  Give us a call today! 

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Residential and Commercial Restoration Services in Spruce Pine NC

Here at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration we have DECADES of experience only proving the highest quality Restoration Services for your commercial and residential needs.  Right here in Spruce Pine North Carolina we accommodate all of your fire and smoke damage, water damage, mold removal needs, even professional cleaning services.  Other services include professional carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, tile cleaning services, order control and crawlspace encapsulations.  So give us a call today at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration right here in Spruce Pine NC for all your cleaning and restoration needs! 

Residential Mold Removal and MORE in Spruce Pine NC...

Is mold plaguing your home in Spruce Pine NC?  With our mold removal experts here at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration, we can eliminate your mold issues with ease.  Not only do we handle mold in residential settings but we handle all of your professional restorations needs as well.  Whether it’s fire damage, water damage, roofing reconstruction, we do it all right here in Spruce Pine NC.  Our fun, prompt, and professional staff will have you feeling back at home in no time, so give us a call TODAY!  

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Commercial Restorations 

When your business has been closed due to a disaster you’re losing revenue with each passing day.  Our professional team at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Spruce Pine NC will have your business up and running in no time.  So whether its fire damage, water damage, roof damage, or you even need your floors professionally cleaned we have you covered.  Our professional cleaning services will have your rug, carpets, hardwoods, and even tiles looking brand new in no time so give us a call today and let us help with getting your business back in pristine condition!  You won’t be disappointed with Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Spruce Pine NC! 


Restoration Services We Offer in Spruce Pine NC...














Spruce Pine NC Restoration Services "Near Me"

Do you need restoration services in Spruce Pine, North Carolina?

In case you are in Spruce Pine, North Carolina and looking for restoration companies, just search for ‘restoration services near me’.

You will get details of all companies offering restoration services in the region. And yes, we are one of them. You can contact us for all your restoration requirements.

Why Online Search for ‘Restoration Services Near Me’ is Convenient

This is quite simple and convenient because you get a list of all providers near your home. As we are locals, we understand all your requirements, we are aware of the laws, we know the climatic problems and most importantly, we will be able to reach you on time. Thus, when you choose to hire locals, you do not have to worry about delays or about having to pay for their transportation.

Even if it’s an emergency, you are assured that help will come soon. 

Restoration Services Near Me – Common Restoration Services 

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration: 

It is disheartening to see your belongings go up in flame! But life moves on and we too have it! We are dedicated to providing convenient and affordable fire and smoke damage restoration services for our customers. Do not be anxious, just give us a call. Our experts will get in touch with you and update you on the current situation and will help you know, how restoration can help you get back to your normal life.

Roofing Restoration:

We offer roofing restoration services for all residential and commercial properties in Spruce Pine North Carolina. If you are in need of emergency services or if it is a regular roofing job, get in touch with us. Our experienced professionals will take over and do the best!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be in many forms. It can be standing water; it can be in the form of persistent moisture or it can just be in the form of unpleasant dampness. This further leads to the growth of bacteria and mold. The whole environment gets unhygienic. Get in touch with us for help with regards to water damage restoration services.

Wind Damage Restoration

Do not get anxious if your property is damaged due to wind? Though the damage is definitely unfortunate, we are here to get things going and back to the normal situation. Wind damage can lead to structural damage, damage to the roof, water resources and more. We offer efficient wind damage restoration services so that normalcy returns soon.

Mold Remediation

No, it won’t help even if you try yourself. Mold identification and its eradication is not as simple as it might appear to be. Mold is quite deceptive and doesn’t get caught easily. However, we have a specialist team who is trained in mold detection and remediation. We will not just trace the mold for you but ensure they are eradicated so that you live in a safe and healthy environment.

Tile Cleaning

No, though it might seem easy, tile cleaning is never easy.  It involves plenty of hard work and the use of the right technology. We provide professional and efficient tile cleaning services at the most affordable rates. We use modern techniques and advanced equipment for cleaning so that the floor gets back its luster.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Are you searching for hardwood floor cleaning services in Spruce Pine, North Carolina? We can help! We specialize in hardwood floor cleaning. No matter how long you haven’t cleaned it or what kind of flooring it is, we can help! Our professionals understand the need for deep cleaning and do their best to ensure that the floor looks clean as if it is new. Besides, strict hygiene standards are maintained.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning might seem easy but it does involve a number of steps. Regular carpet cleaning ensures its long life. Our trained professionals use different carpet cleaning techniques carried out in different stages. We use state-of-the-machinery and strategies so that carpets are in top condition. You can trust us with your carpet cleaning and you are not going to regret it.

Flooring Installation

We offer top quality floor installation services for all our commercial and residential customers. There are many types of floor installations. These include carpet, wood, ceramic and vinyl tiles. We specialize in all types of flooring. We complete work on time ensuring that efficiency is maintained at all stages. Call us to know more about our floor installation services and how we help!

Contact us for more details related to our services and offers!

Spruce Pine North Carolina

Spruce Pine, founded in 1907 is a town in Mitchell County, North Carolina. Initially, this little town was centered around a tavern which was operated by Isaac English. This was located on the old roadway which ran from Cranberry to Marion, NC. This is a small town of around 2,000 residents, but with plenty of opportunities for dining and shopping. 

Spruce Pine has a lot to offer besides its natural beauty and warm hospitality by the residents.,_North_Carolina

What To Do While Visiting Spruce Pine NC?

The Artists’ Paradise

Just a brief walk around the town and you will come across many public art projects which include the town clock present on Upper Street. The entire region is said to be a mecca for artists. The Toe River Art Studio tour shouldn’t be missed which is held in June and December every year. Besides this, the Penland School of Crafts is just 6 miles away from Downtown. This is the place for a variety of classes and gallery which is open to the public.

Gem Mining 

Spruce Pine is often referred to as ‘The Mineral City’. The city is known for its many gem mining spots. The district is also the home to some of the richest deposits of minerals and gems of the world. The district offers 90% of raw materials required for plumbing fixtures. A visit to the Emerald Village provides a glimpse of mining and various exhibits. There is also a gemstone flume and tours of Aquamarine Mine.

Mountain Stream RV Park

This is the perfect place for your family fun. It is a beautiful creek which flows through the valley and through the sides of the campground. The Blue Ridge Parkway is just five miles away. Several events are held in the location which include pumpkin decorating, Easter Egg Hunts, Scavenger Hunts, Duck races and a huge Thanksgiving dinner.

Spruce Pine Farmers Market

This is a truly unique concept, where residents get fresh food and vegetables from the local farms. People flock the Farmers market to buy vegetables, mushrooms, honey, and eggs.

The Region of Festivals

Spruce Pine hosts many unique festivals annually. Each year thousands of attendees visit these festivals. Here are some of the most popular festivals in the region.

  • The NC Mineral & Gem Festival: This is an established festival of the region and one of the most famous one. The first festival was named as Spruce Pine Mineral and Gem Festival. This festival was then produced by the Spruce Pine Chamber of Commerce.

  • Fire on the Mountain: This is an annual celebration of the art of the blacksmith. The festival is about a month-long exhibit which is about the new works by artists and blacksmiths. Blacksmiths demonstrate their skills and crafts multiple times in this exhibition. This festival is an opportunity for demonstrators to showcase their talents, its an opportunity for different tool vendors and the best place to enjoy some local food.

  • Spruce Pine BBQ & Bluegrass: One of the most popular festivals for BBQ lovers! It’s a unique opportunity to experience the most sizzling competition between the BBQ teams in the region. The festival takes place in the month of July at Rotary Park.

Spruce Pine, North Carolina has plenty to offer for the residents and travelers.

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