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Mold Remediation Services 

Mold remediation helps residents and homeowners to stay safe and healthy. Through the process, it is easy to identify mold (present in large scale) at homes. Once identification is done, steps are taken to eradicate the mold and prevent their occurrence the second time. 

Today, mold remediation services are high in demand and one of the top components of purchasing and selling a house. Due to some critical types of mold, several homeowners try to take advantage of the situation and charge high rates. We understand the significance of mold remediation and endeavor to offer top quality services at affordable rates to homeowners.

If you are worried about mold remediation and wondering how you can overcome the situation, we can be of help!

Basics of Mold Development

In case you are wondering why your property has mold, you need to understand that this is quite a familiar condition in several homes. Though mold is closely associated with wet areas, it is found in many dry areas and spaces as well. Mold is also quite common in grout present between the ceramic tiles.

Common Areas Where Mold Tends to Develop

Generally, mold can develop in any area which is wet and humid. If there is excessive humidity in any property, mold will develop. In the majority of properties where mold develops, we found humidity, lack of sunlight and wet. In many homes where there is fiberglass, insulation mold grows in abundance and it is one of the toughest areas to eradicate. Homeowners need to keep a watch on a few areas at home to ensure mold doesn’t develop.

These areas include:

  • Wall interiors

  • Furnaces

  • Basements

  • Kitchens

  • Under window unit of air conditions

  • Under kitchen sinks

  • Crawl spaces

  • Spaces around the chimney

  • Attics

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"If it wasn't for Taylor, Branson, and their crew at Foothills Cleaning and restoration I would still be living with Mold in my home."


How Do We Carry Out Mold Remediation? 

The process involves a number of steps – some of which are mentioned in brief for your understanding:

  • Containment – This is the most critical stage – it is about containment and ventilation. Air filtration is necessary to ensure that different mold spores which are airborne are not spreading to any uninfected area. 

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting – This is the step where actual remediation begins. It starts with the disposal of all infected materials. Once all cleaning and disinfecting process is done, fungicide and moldicide solutions are sprayed.

  • Repairing the Source of Mold – Our specialists ensured that all sources of mold are identified, and these are fixed. These include finding all sources of humidity and moisture. For instance, if there is a loose bathroom fan duct which goes into the attic, the fan duct needs fixation. We provide all fixation and repair services until it is a lot complex.

  • Encapsulating – In case due to some reasons mold couldn’t be removed it is usually encapsulated by paint or any kind of similar material.

If you are noticing mold in your property, do not panic. Do not try to remove mold with DIY techniques, since these do not work in the long run. Though you might get short-term solutions, it is not going to help you in the future. The mold will return and by then the damage might be quite extensive. 

Call us for your requirements and we can offer the best solutions!

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