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Water, Fire and Smoke Damage, Mold Removal 


Restoration Services Black Mountain NC

Has disaster stuck your home and you’re in need of a professional Restoration Company in Black Mountain NC? Our professionally trained staff and their knowledge of professional cleaning services and restoration needs will have your home or business back to its original state in no time.  If you are located here in Black Mountain NC and you need someone to handle all your restoration needs right down to the insurance company we’ve got you covered.  So whether you contact us by phone, email, or even social media give shout today here in Black Mountain NC!

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Residential and Commercial Restoration Services in Black Mountain NC

With our years of experience doing the job right here at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration we can give you peace of mind knowing we provide only the best services in Black Mountain NC.  We’ve been trusted with homes and businesses right here in Black Mountain NC for all your water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold removal and even professional carpet cleaning services.  We even offer hardwood floor cleaning, tile cleaning, order control, and crawlspace encapsulations right here in Back Mountain NC!  So give us a call today at Foothill Cleaning and Restoration in Black Mountain NC today! 

Residential Mold Removal and MORE in Black Mountain NC...

Having mold issues in Black Mountain NC?  Our Mold Removal EXPERTS here at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Black Mountain will eliminate all of your mold Issues today!  We do more than just residential mold removal though, we do fire damage, water damage, smoke damage, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and so much more right here in Black Mountain NC!  So don’t wait for any of your restoration or remodeling needs to give us a call today! 

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Commercial Restorations Black Mountain NC

Has your businesses suffered from an unforeseen tragedy in Black Mountain NC?  Our trained professionals and Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Black Mountain NC will have your business up and running in no time.  With our 5 star service and quick response to any and all of your restoration needs we can ensure you won’t be displeased.  We even do commercial carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and even hardwood floor care.  So whether your business in Black Mountain needs their carpet cleaned or a complete remodel we have you covered here at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration Black Mountain NC! 

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Restoration Services We Offer in Black Mountain NC...














Black Mountain North Carolina – Restoration Services Near Me

For a list of restoration services in Black Mountain, North Carolina just search ‘Restoration services near me’. In just a few seconds you will have a list of all companies offering restoration services near your location.

That is simple – isn’t it?

Restoration Services Near Me – Know Your Options

Searching online for restoration services in your location is convenient. You get a list of all providers and their offered services in your location. The locals are always a preference because you can reach out to them easily. They understand the requirements of local users, they know the existing laws and they will not take time to reach you, especially in an emergency.

When you choose to hire restoration services near you during an emergency, you wouldn’t like to wait long. Would you? 

Besides, if your provider is far, you might have to indirectly pay for their conveyance as well. This means increased costs – not desired at all!

Services Offered – What Can I expect from Restoration Services Near Me?

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration: 

Fire damage can be huge. Restoration from fire damage can take time and can be done only by professionals. Our specialists are trained particularly in tasks related to damages caused by fire and smoke. They know what needs to be done and how to get along with fire restoration services. With our fire and smoke damage restoration services, we try to get things in their earlier condition. If you are worried about how to go about getting into normalcy with fire and smoke damage restoration, contact us and we will provide the needed assistance.

Water Damage Restoration

If you are stuck with water damage, remember that wasting time or delaying can be critical. Waste no time if you have water damage. Standing water can create havoc. Moisture and humidity are the perfect breeding ground for germs, mold, and bacteria. Once this starts developing, the damage can be extensive. It can lead to health hazards for your entire family. 

Wind Damage Restoration

Winds and storms are unpredictable – they can change their route anytime and bring along destruction and damage. A little breezy in a scorching day can make the weather pleasant, but think about a storm or a sudden surge in winds? Wind damage can break structures, it can uproot trees, it can lead to water damage and can cause massive harm to your property. We offer a variety of wind damage restoration services for our customers. Get back to your daily life in a short time without having to go through any hassles.

Mold Remediation

You might come across many videos of how to tackle mold. If you have tried these yourself, you will know that mold tends to reappear too quickly. Our range of mold remediation services help our customers in not just identifying mold but ensure that it is completely eradicated so that it doesn’t return. We will visit your premises with the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure that the mold is eradicated quickly.


Wondering how to get your tiles cleaned? 

We can help you with our professional tile cleaning services. Our experts shall visit your premises and do the necessary cleaning. Modern machines and trained professionals – that makes the difference. Enjoy clean and fresh tiles at affordable rates. Call us for further details.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood flooring gives a luxurious and rich look to the interiors. It looks classy but it is important to ensure the maintenance of the flooring. Cleaning regularly is necessary for the removal of debris and dirt. Hardwood floor cleaning requires professional intervention due to the need for specialized equipment and modern technologies. We provide professional floor cleaning at an affordable rate.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the most in-demand services in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It is one of the most vital cleaning services needed by almost all. It is necessary to get your carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year. This is necessary for the health of your family and to ensure the durability of your carpets. We offer a number of options in carpet cleaning. To know more, contact us for further details.

Flooring Installation

We provide a variety of flooring installation services for our clients. Whether you are the owner of a commercial establishment or it is for your home, we can help you. It is our assurance that all tasks will be carried out with the utmost care and diligence. We value our customers and ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our services. That keeps us going!

For more options and to know how we can help you, give us a call!

Whats So Special About Black Mountain North Carolina?

A beautiful town in Buncombe County, Black Mountain gets its name from the old train stop which is at the Black Mountain Depot. The town is located in the southern part of the Black Mountain range of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This peaceful Buncombe community is known for its great food, art, culture and friendly people. Black Mountain, in North Carolina, is said to be the perfect place for a day trip!

If one had a chance to break down the essence of Black Mountain, it can be divided into four distinguished strengths – the entrepreneurship sense, the amazing proximity to all outdoor wonders, the rich art and culture heritage, and its vibrant community spirit.,_North_Carolina

Things to Do in Black Mountain North Carolina:

Tourists flock to this peaceful town to soak into the natural beauty and to freshen up their spirits in the tranquillity of the town. The town offers a number of options for its tourists:

Outdoors in Black Mountain

Black Mountain has close proximity to many beautiful trails, rivers and mountain vistas which have an influence on the lifestyle and culture of the community. The town is nestled right at the edge of Pisgah National Forest and is close to Blue Ridge Parkway – considered to be a cyclist’s and a sightseer’s haven. Outdoor activities are one of the hallmarks of Black Mountain with plenty of nearby fishing holes. There are plenty of paved walkways, playground for kids and bike paths along the beautiful river.


The Sourwood Festival

Those who plan to visit the Black Mountain, North Carolina shouldn’t plan their visit during the Sourwood Festival. It is one of those street festivals which draws tourists from far and wide. This is a street festival where visitors can taste a variety of food, enjoy bouncy rides, try face paintings, explore arts and crafts, enjoy carnival rides and more. It is a fun-filled festival, which can be perfectly enjoyed with your family.

Creative Mountain Food Tours

Another popular activity for all food lovers of the region and the tourists who choose to spend time here. This unique tour offers dessert tastings, beverages and food tasting for all those who are interested. This is a tour of 2.5 to 3 hours. There are four tours available:

  • The Ultimate Foodie Tour

  • The Round the World Tour

  • Pub and Grub Crawl

  • Sweet Tooth Dessert Tour

Swannanoa Valley Museum

Those who love to explore the history and culture of the region, should visit the Swannanoa Valley Museum. It provides a true reflection of the history of Western North Carolina. Some of the exhibits of the museum include different artifacts and photos which perfectly depict the lives of early pioneers and also their descendants. For visitors, the museum sponsors many heritage tours, walks, hikes, special programs and events which are of environmental or historical interest.


Brunch on the Porch

A perfect place for all food lovers. It is one of the oldest buildings in Black Mountain which dates back to 1907. The place is best known for its black-bean grit cakes, pimento cheese, biscuits and much more. To feel the authentic touch of the older days and to enjoy some of sumptuous foods, do visit Brunch on the Porch.


Shopping Destination

Shopping is always fun – whether it is for the residents or the tourists who come to visit the town. Downtown might be small but the merchants on the three streets have plenty to offer. Items available include souvenir shops, candy shops, biking needs, Appalachian style crafts, cards and more. Do not forget to pick some munchies for your folks back at home.

Black Mountain is the perfect place for those who are looking forward to big town conveniences and small-town sanity. It is the perfect place for those who wish to retire or even relocate in the Southeast zone.

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