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Roofing Restoration and MORE!

Looking for roofing restoration services?  We Subcontract all of our roofing services to our trusted roofing experts! 


Roofing restoration is one of the most essential services which homeowners often require. 

Though there might be an emergency requirement, right after a storm or accidental damage, most often emergency situations can be easily avoided, if the roofing is maintained regularly. 


We Can Help You With ALL Your Roofing Needs!


We offer a variety of subcontracted roofing restoration and repair services and specialists for all homeowners, who are looking for professional, high-quality services at competitive prices. With us, you do not have to worry about your roofing anymore!


Often it is seen that homeowners fail to realize that their roofing is damaged, and they need to restore it. As a result, only when widespread damage is done, professionals are called. Though they undertake all activities for repairs & maintenance, it turns out to be an expensive task. Try to avoid that, when you can save money by getting the roofing restoration done on time!


To ensure this, look out for some common signs of roofing damage!

"Thank you Foothills Cleaning and Restoration for fixing my home in a time of personal crisis, it looks as good as new." 


Cracked and Curled Shingles


These are a quick indication that the shingles are nearing their end and they need to be replaced. If you notice curls, cracks or completed shattered shingles, you need to call the professionals.


Damaged Around the Openings


A few pipes, vents and chimneys often penetrate through the roof. If this happens, deterioration starts happening. If this happens, there might be leakage and the roofing is damaged. It calls for professional intervention before it is late.


Shingles Appear Moist, Dirty and Dark


Is moisture trapped in the shingles? If you find the shingles wet or moist, it means they are not in good condition. Remember, wetness or dirt or moisture means that shingles are cracked or damaged and they need replacement.


Plenty of Shingle Granules Around


Asphalt shingles and composite will shed their granules as they begin wearing out. Thus, these shingles are often scattered around the property or near the gutters. These granules look sandy, black and appear a lot coarse.


Paint is Peeling 


In case the attic of your home is not well ventilated, there will be an increase in moisture and humidity. This tends to build near the roofline. This can cause blisters and peeling of the paint. The interiors start looking shabby and unkempt. Professionals can help in restoring the glory of the roof in a short time.


Sagging Roof Deck 


If the roof deck appears to sag and doesn’t appear to be straight, it means it is not in good health. These might be wet and there might be leakage of moisture. In case it is localized, you can have it replaced. However, if it spreads, then the complete roof might need to be replaced.

How Professional Roofing Restoration Can Help?


There are many reasons to hire professionals to get roofing restoration done!

  • Experience – Often we assume that ‘How-To’ videos can help us in doing several tasks, but, just a few hours of online viewing doesn’t help. If you hire our team of experts, you can get the benefit of their years of experience, skills, and knowledge.

  • Professional Roof Inspection – We know how to carry out a roof inspection and can successfully identify the issues which require repair. Besides, professionals have easy access to different tools, technology, and equipment.

  • Get the Job Done on Time – Professionals understand what should be done. They understand the need for getting things done in the most efficient way. Thus, when professionals are hired, you are assured that there will be no delays in getting the job done.


Remember professional roof restoration is the way to ensure longevity and functionality of your roof.


It might be storm damage or long-term wear & tear; all our experts can help to have your property get back to shape

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