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Water, Fire and Smoke Damage, Mold Removal 


Restoration Services Asheville NC

Has your home or business fallen to an unexpected disaster?  Are you in need of EMERGENCY Restoration in Asheville North Carolina?  Look no further!  Our team of specialists at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration are a professional restoration company based out of Asheville North Carolina!  We handle Fire Damage, Water Damage, Smoke Damage, even Mold Removal and more!  Our other services include Roofing Restoration, Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning Services, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Flooring Installations and even Crawl Space Encapsulations.  So give us a call TODAY at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Asheville NC! 

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Residential and Commercial Restoration Services in Asheville NC

Offering decades of experience and trade knowledge our team at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration will put your mind at ease with our team of highly trained professionals.  Handling all of your commercial and residential needs when it comes to professional cleaning services or restoration needs we are the experts in our field!  Whether you have water damage, fire damage, or need mold removed from your home our experts have you covered.  So give us a call today at Asheville's premier restoration company, Foothills Cleaning and Restoration! 

Residential Mold Removal and MORE in Asheville NC...

Has mold been a concern in your home?  Have you been looking for a company to do mold removal?  Look no further, the residential experts at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Asheville NC have you covered!  Trusted with your home renovation and restoration needs we can get the job done in a prompt and professional manner.  Our insurance claim specialist will have your claim submitted and ready for restoration or renovation in no time.  Give us a call today at our Asheville NC location!  

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Commercial Restorations 

Your business is your lively hood and we understand that here at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Asheville NC.  With our professional restoration and cleaning services, we offer a plethora of commercial business services to offer. Everything from tile cleaning to fire damage and water damage we do it all.  So whether or not you need your carpets professionally cleaning or a new roof our team here at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Asheville NC are your go-to! Call Today! 


Restoration Services We Offer in Asheville NC...














Restoration Services "Near Me" Asheville NC

Are you looking for restoration services in Asheville, North Carolina? It is easy to find providers in your area – just type ‘restoration services near me’ and search. You will be flooded with details of companies offering restoration services in Asheville, North Carolina and you can quickly select a provider!

Isn’t that easy?

Searching ‘Restoration services near me’ is convenient

Nothing complex or time-consuming! You do not have to ask your friends or relatives. With a simple online search, you can get a list of all restoration service providers in Asheville, North Carolina. 

We are a company located in Asheville, offering efficient restoration services for residential and commercial users. As we are locals, we completely understand your needs, we are aware of the laws existing in our area and we know the problems faced by our people. 

Besides, when you choose to hire our services, you get prompt services. No delays as we do not have to spend a lot of time traveling to your location. Besides, you can save money as well since you do not have to pay for extra transportation charges.

If it is an emergency and you are in need of restoration services in Asheville, North Carolina, get in touch with us right away!

Restoration Services Near Me – Services Available

Roofing Restoration

Residents of Asheville, North Carolina have different types of roofing restoration needs. It is often a regular maintenance work and repairing which needs to be done. At times, we receive calls after a big storm as there with reports of extensive damage and it needs repairs. Understanding the needs, we offer high-quality services, ensuring that restoration work is done efficiently so that people get complete protection.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration 

Damages due to fire can be vast. As the firefighters leave, homeowners understand that they need help in getting back to their normal life. Burning smell, ash, smoke and destruction everywhere can be a disheartening sign. No one likes to delay tasks related to cleaning and restoration after a fire. We are specialists, offering help with fire and smoke damage restoration services. 

Whether is a strong stench, smoke which doesn’t go away or cleaning services – we are here to help you!

Wind Damage Restoration

Winds can cause massive destruction. It can blow away your roof, it can break your tiles, window panes and can even cause structural damage to your property. Of course, you cannot repair these yourself and you need help. We have a trained team for wind damage restoration. They are experienced and will ensure that your property returns to its normal self in a short time.

Water Damage Restoration

If it is water damage – you need to hurry! Standing water, humidity or excessive moisture can lead to bacteria and mold. It is not hygienic as well since such humidity and moisture can lead to allergic reactions. We offer a wide range of water damage restoration services. Contact us to know how we can help!

Mold Remediation

We can assist you in identifying the presence of mold in your property. No, it is not easy to identify mold in any property, though it might seem to be. We have the right equipment and tools to identify the presence of mold and can take steps to eradicate it. Contact us for our mold remediation services and ensure that you stay safe and healthy.

Tile Cleaning

Are you in need of tile cleaning services in Asheville, North Carolina? Though you might come across several DIY videos that promise to help you with tile cleaning, it’s never easy to get results. With our specialized tile cleaning services, you can ensure that your tiles will be cleaned thoroughly and hygienically. 

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If you have ever tried cleaning the hardwood floor, you will know it is not a simple task. It is not about mopping and sweeping. Hardwood floor cleaning requires thorough, intensive cleaning for the removal of debris and other particulars which tend to get stuck at all odd places. Our professionals will visit your premises with specific cleaning tools and get the job done quickly.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets should be cleaned regularly. Though you can do your bit to ensure that they remain clean with DIY options, you definitely need professional cleaning services. In Asheville, North Carolina we have provided top -quality carpet cleaning services at several homes and offices. With the use of the latest techniques and advanced equipment, we will ensure excellent hygiene of your carpet.

Flooring Installation

If it is anything related to flooring, you can trust us! We offer specialized floor cleaning services for commercial and residential properties in our area. Our installation services are available for any kind of flooring. We ensure that our professionals do their job honestly and with the greatest level of care.

For professional ‘restoration services near me’ contact us Now!

We Love Asheville North Carolina

Asheville North Carolina

Asheville is a beautiful city in North Carolina. It is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, right at the confluence of the French Broad River and Swannanoa River. Best known for its rich architecture and cultural history, natural beauty and breweries Asheville has a lot to offer for the tourists. The city is located 250 miles from its closest ocean-front beach, which is a popular spot amongst the tourists.

If you are wondering how to spend time in Asheville, you have some great options. You have plenty to try out and never get bored, whether you are a first-time visitor or you have come to the city many times. Explore Asheville and you will be mesmerized by what the city has to offer!,_North_Carolina

So, here are some of the many things you can do when in Asheville:

Biltmore Estate – One of the Must Visit Places

Your trip to Asheville is not complete until you have visited Biltmore Estate. This is a huge French Renaissance-style estate which was built by George Vanderbilt. It is popular for being the largest private home in America. It has 35 bedrooms and 65 fireplaces. There are 43 bathrooms in this home. It took six years to construct this estate. Its 8000 acres of garden are one of the biggest attractions. Visitors can explore the history of the estate, know more about the artwork and architecture. It takes approx. 2 hours to complete the tour of the estate, not taking into account the time for wandering through its expansive garden. It is one of the most visited places in Asheville.

Visit Downtown Asheville

When in Asheville, do not miss strolling around the vibrant city center. The area has beckoned visitors time and again. This is a beautiful, walkable neighborhood where you will find some of the best craft breweries, independent shops and the finest dining options in the region. If you love shopping and would like to take home some gifts for your loved one, you can look for vintage styles at some of the chic boutiques, find cool indie wares, local designs and wearable art.

Asheville Urban Trial

This is just perfect for those who would like to explore the architectural history of the city. It walks visitors through 30 stops, which are marked with public sculpture that denotes that specific important moment or person in the history of the area. Visitors love this self-guided tour, which is divided into different time periods. This is from the Gilded Age to the present time of the Age of Diversity. The trail starts from Pack Square and moves around the Downtown area. It is a unique opportunity to explore all 30 landmarks. 

Pisgah National Forest

For those who are looking for fun activities and adventure, Pisgah National Forest is a must visit place. It is the 1st national forest in the country. It is divided into 3 ranger districts:

  • The Pisgah Ranger District

  • Appalachian Ranger District

  • Grandfather Ranger District

Get access to some of the many picturesque waterfalls and experience some of the most challenging hikes. Horseback riders can have a wonderful time as they find some of the most suitable trails in the region. This is one of the most preferred places for fishing holes, rock climbing, campgrounds and picnic areas.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Travelers believe that this 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway shouldn’t be missed. This highway offers several opportunities to stop at different overlooks. Biking trails, hiking, and quaint mountain towns have always attracted visitors from far and wide. Travels have the privilege to learn about the cultural history of the region and soak into the natural beauty even while enjoying the various outdoor activities along the region.

Folk Art Center

The place is visited by more than 250,000 visitors annually. Three galleries display contemporary and traditional art. There is a bookstore in the center, where booklovers can pick for their library. The Craft Shop is the place from where you can pick some souvenirs or for yourself.


Asheville, in North Carolina, is best known for its outdoors. Do not miss tasting the local cuisine and visit the local breweries.

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