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Water, Fire and Smoke Damage, Mold Removal 


Restoration Services Hickory NC

Are you looking for a restoration company in Hickory NC?  Foothills Cleaning and Restoration is the premier restoration company.  Our highly trained staff and vast understanding for all your professional cleaning and restoration needs will have you’re home or business looking as good as new in no time.  If you’re located in Hickory NC and need someone to handle your insurance company for your claim our team is on it, we work with adjusters to ensure your claim is handled in a timely manner!  So whether its by email, phone, or social media shoot us a call or message today!   

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Residential and Commercial Restoration Services in Hickory NC

With decades of experience at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration, we provide only the best in professional restoration services for commercial and residential properties alike.  We’ve been trusted with your homes and commercial properties in Hickory NC for water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold removal, and so much more.  Our other services include professional carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, tile cleaning, order control, and crawlspace encapsulations.  Right here in Hickory NC, we can handle all of your Restoration and Professional Cleaning needs.  Call Today!   

Residential Mold Removal and MORE in Hickory NC...

Has mold begun to take over your home in Hickory NC?  Our Mold Removal experts at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration will get rid of all your mold issues no problem!  We handle everything from carpet cleaning to fire and water damage right here in Hickory NC.  Our highly trained staff with decades of experience will have your home looking 5 star in no time after disaster strikes.  So give us a call TODAY!  

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Commercial Restorations 

After disaster strikes your business we understand you don’t want to continue to lose profit.  Here at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Hickory NC we guarantee your business will be up and running within weeks of your water, fire & smoke, or mold damage disaster.  Our professionally trained staff also accommodates your professional cleaning service needs.  We clean rugs, carpet, hardwood floors, and even tile for commercial properties right here in Hickory NC.   So give us a call today and find out how we can help your business!  Whether it's a clean floor or a complete remodel/restoration we’ve got you covered at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration in Hickory NC.

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Restoration Services We Offer in Hickory...














Hickory North Carolina – Restoration Services Near Me

Do you live in Hickory, North Carolina?

If you are in need of restoration services – whether it has to do with water damage restoration or wind damage restoration or anything else, all you need to do is find a restoration company near you. All that you need to do is search online ‘Restoration services near me’.

We are one of the companies located in your area and offering restoration services. No matter what your requirement is, get in touch with us! We are dedicated to helping our customers in times of need.

Restoration Services Near Me – An Easy Search

To find restoration service providers in Hickory, North Carolina, you do not have to go about different places now. Just a search and you will find a company. There are many advantages to getting restoration done by local providers. Locals are aware of the problems faced by commercial users and residents. They are located nearby – they won’t take the time to reach you. Besides, as they do not have to travel much, you do not have to pay a lot for their traveling expenses. 

Isn’t it a lot more convenient?

Whether you have any emergency requirements or regular restoration services, our experts will reach your place quickly and do the needful.

Services Offered In Hickory NC

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Hickory NC 

Fire can cause a lot of damage. As soon as the fire trucks leave, homeowners begin an assessment of the damage done. The only purpose to get restoration work done as soon as possible so that normalcy returns. There are different kinds of damage caused due to fire.  Our specialists will carry out their assessment and do everything to help you get back to your normal condition. It might be a smoke problem, soot, structural damage or anything else – we can help you out.

Roofing Restoration in Hickory NC

A roof requires regular upkeep and maintenance. However, during certain times there is damage caused due to storm or winds or due to other conditions. In such a situation, a roofing restoration is required as soon as possible. Give us a call and we will restore your roof. It is our duty to ensure that your roof stays protected and it stays durable for a long-time.

Water Damage Restoration in Hickory NC

If your property gets damaged due to water, you need to act immediately. There shouldn’t be any delay. Standing water, humidity and moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold. Residents can face allergic reactions and there can be damage to electrical wiring. Contact us, if you need damage restoration services.

Mold Remediation in Hickory NC

Mold is often a problem in Hickory, North Carolina. It is quite challenging to detect the presence of mold without proper equipment and skills. Our professionals are trained and can easily identify the presence of mold. We offer assistance in mold detection and remediation. With our services, you are assured of complete safety and good health.

Professional Tile Cleaning in Hickory NC

How do you clean tiles at home? 

If you have been doing it all by yourself till now, consider hiring professionals. The reason is simple – you might not have the advanced equipment or the technical knowledge to remove hidden dirt and grime from the tiles. If you are not able to do it correctly, the tiles will lose their luster and they will no longer be suitable for use.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Hickory NC

If you thought that cleaning the hardwood floor is easy, you need to think again! It doesn’t involve mopping or a bit of sweeping – there is a lot more. To clean hardwood flooring, deep extraction of debris and dirt is necessary. Dirt and debris get into cracks and crevices from where they are not just hard to detect but also tough to remove. Professionals will visit your premises with the right tools and equipment, helping you out with perfect cleaning solutions.

Carpet Cleaning in Hickory NC

Get your carpets cleaned by professionals! Why waste your time and effort when professional carpet cleaning services are available at affordable rates? We offer deep carpet cleaning services for our customers. With the use of the latest cleaning techniques and modern equipment, carpet cleaning has got a lot better. Freshen up your carpets and increase their value.

Flooring Installation in Hickory NC

Are you in need of flooring installation services in Hickory, North Carolina? Flooring installation can be done by expert trained professionals only. We offer efficient flooring installation in Hickory at cost-effective rates. Our range of services includes luxury vinyl installation, wood flooring, ceramic flooring and more. Client satisfaction is our priority. We ensure all jobs are done with precision and care.

To know more about our services, contact us here at Foothills Cleaning and Restoration now!

We Love Hickory North Carolina

Hickory is situated in Catawba County, with its boundaries extending into Caldwell and Burke counties. The city takes pride in being named “All-America City” three times. The popular All-America City Award is usually given to 10 cities in the USA. This award represents the ability of the community to work in harmony and achieve different critical local issues. Hickory won this award three times – in 2007, 1967 and 1987.


Hickory is one of those places which has the feel and charm of a small town. The city provides all the amenities and a variety of activities to explore. If you are planning a trip, here are some of the best things you can do here:,_North_Carolina


Things to Do in Hickory North Carolina


Visit the Hickory Museum of Art

This is one of the major attractions of Hickory, North Carolina. This museum is one of the major attractions for public programs, events, and exhibitions organized by nationally recognized artists and performers. In this museum, there is also a long-term exhibition of Southern contemporary folk art. The Hickory Science Center connects to the art museum. Thus, travelers can visit both places at the same time.


Emerald Hollow Mine

Located right at the foothills of Brushy Mountains, this is truly considered as a gem of a place. People flock here to find precious stones for their collection. This is the place to find more than 60 varieties of naturally occurring minerals and gems. It is also one of those places where one can find some of the rarest gemstones like Hiddenite. This is one of those places where one can spend hours, find some of the most precious stones for their collection and still not get bored.


Bakers Mountain Park

This is a wonderful place to go hiking. The Mountain Park is best known for its scenic beauty and wildlife. It is strategically located on the highest post in Catawba County. The Park is spread over 200 acres – it includes acres of mature Chestnut Oak, Hardwood Forest, and Mountain Laurel. It is frequented by visitors who love recreational opportunities and picnic areas. There is a lot to keep all visitors busy throughout the day. Do not miss climbing the mountain top where there is an observation platform. It offers stunning views of Catawba Valley.


Downtown Hickory Farmers Market

One of the most frequently visited markets – Hickory Farmers Market is popular amongst the visitors and locals alike. This is one market where you will find almost anything. You can purchase common products like meat, eggs, cheese, and honey along with some rare herbs, preserves and unique products like mountain trout.


Maple Grove

For all those who love to explore culture and architecture, a visit to Maple Grove can be inspiring. This is an 1883 built farmhouse, inspired by the Italian architecture. It is now restored as a house museum. This farmhouse is counted amongst the oldest buildings in the region. Visit the place and you will get the feel of mid-1890s. Here visitors appreciate the various items and family furnishings which remind us of the bygone era.


Hickory North Carolina, offers plenty of activities, fun, and entertainment for visitors and locals alike.

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