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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

None of us can imagine our home or our precious possessions getting destroyed in a fire! But, life is unpredictable and sometimes unexpected or unimaginable things do happen, especially when there is fire. The loss can be huge – to property and lives.

But life does move on, but how does a person tackle a situation when it is seen that a devastating fire has consumed everything? 

In such a situation, reassurance comes from having a clear guidance and support which assures that it is possible to come out from such smoke damage and fire.

This is where we can help you! We offer fire and smoke damage restoration services, helping our customers in such distress. If you or your near or dear ones need help, we are just a call away

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Trained Professionals Are An Asset When It Comes To Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration 

Damage restoration in case of fire is the work of talented technicians. These people are not just trained in working in certain hazardous conditions, they have the knowledge and techniques to reduce the impact of damage in every possible way. All our technicians are qualified and trained to deal with any complex and difficult situation. We offer a range of fire damage services which include smoke and odor removal and soot removal also.

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Types of Fire:

It is truly said that ‘Fire is a friend and a foe’. Unfortunately, we receive calls on a regular basis from distressed people seeking help in restoring their property, caused due to fire.  There are different kinds of fires which cause havoc – some of these are:

Protein Fire –

This is a fire which is caused in the kitchen, mainly from food on a stove or oven which has burned down. The problem arises due to smoke residue on different surfaces and content which need removal. This is not possible by homeowners and requires expert intervention.

Complex Fire –

This is one of the most dangerous kinds of fires, which is caused due to the presence of synthetic or natural items present in the house. If these burns, there is black smoke residue on various surfaces and content, which is tough to get rid of. In such a situation, there is a need for emergency corrosion mitigation so that surfaces are protected from any kind of risk.

Natural Fire –

These fires are tough to control and often caused when bushes, shrubs and trees burn. There is immense smoke which penetrates structures from outside. There is a lot of smoke residue and odor which needs to be removed. It is almost impossible to live with such smoke and fire.

Beyond your Burning Items – Fire Damage Does Exist

  • Do you realize that smoke and ash can cause corrosion and damage to materials which are left behind.

  • Strong odor from smoke stays in the room or home even for a long-time after the fire is doused. Smoke and odor can lead to different health problems, if it is not managed on time.

  • Walls can get discoloured

  • Smoke can tarnish glass

Fire and Smoke Restoration Services – What we will do for you!

  • Our experts will identify the main source of fire and understand the nature of fire which occurred.

  • We will evaluate different areas which are wet after firefighting so that such places get the required treatment.

  • Water damage remediating services – if there is a need

  • Evaluation of sensitive materials which were damaged due to smoke and soot particles.

  • Removal of contents which include collecting some items which the homeowner might need in the next few days which include school books, clothing, prescription and more.

  • Packing different content for the purpose of cleaning and storing

  • Checking for structural restoration which includes removing various charred content that might seal in smoke. This includes burned wood and insulation.

  • Sealing adequately so that odors can be prevented

  • Cleaning and eliminating odors and deodorizing various surfaces to get them back in pre-loss condition

  • Getting the items back to their original location. This can help in restoring normal life.

To know more about our services, get in touch with us right away!

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