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Hardwood Floor Cleaning 

How do you ensure your hardwood flooring is clean enough? 


Many homeowners try different DIY techniques to clean their hardwood floors. Little do they realize, that though they might be able to ensure visible cleanliness, the floor isn’t clean at all. It is not so easy or simple to clean hardwood floor. It needs deep dirt extraction, removal of allergens and debris which sink deep into the crevices and cracks. Such kind of cleaning can only be done by professionals with the right equipment.


Professional hardwood cleaning is the way to keep away dirt, debris and allergens from the floor. We offer extensive hardwood flooring services catering to all residents and commercial requirements. Just let us know your requirements and we can help you out.

Expert Hardwood Floor Cleaning Available

All our technicians are extensively trained and experienced in cleaning hardwood floor. We ensure your floor is clean and shiny like new. We are capable of servicing different kinds of floor which include linoleum, engineered wood, solid wood, laminate and more.


Cleaning Process:

Hardwood floor cleaning needs planning and expertise.  We can handle any kind of cleaning requirements related to hardwood floors for our clients.

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"With Foothills Cleaning and Restoration, our business and home looked as good as new! I would recommend to anyone looking for hardwood floors cleaned to give them a call."


Here is what makes us different:


  • Modern Equipment and Techniques – We use the latest equipment and techniques to clean the hardwood floor. We use high-speed scrubbers which help in reaching out to different contaminants and dirt.  Our power vacuums are designed to extract dirt from even the deepest corners.

  • Removal of Allergens and Dirt Effectively – We have trained technicians who perform detailed cleaning in various hard to reach areas of the floor. Thus, there is a complete removal of dirt and allergens.

  • Attention to Details – Our technicians are trained to provide detailed hand cleaning. They know how to clean hard to reach spaces, so that thorough cleaning is assured.

  • Experienced Staff – Our staff is experienced in handling different cleaning requirements. No matter what the problem is or how the problem is, we know how to carry out our job effectively.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning - Stages


Before getting started with the cleaning, our technicians carry out a thorough inspection to determine the nature of material. Next, they determine the cleaning material which will be perfect for the specific type of floor. They also try to find out any kind of existing damage and the kind of machine which will be suitable for use on the floor. The furniture is moved and the area is vacuumed. Once the existing dry soil is removed, the process of deep cleaning begins.


Auto scrubbers and other machines are used for cleaning the wood. If needed warm water is also used for removing dirt and grime from the surface. Once the cleaning is completed, the area is dried with the help of a microfiber mop and a fan. This assures that the floor can be walked on immediately.


There is a final inspection after the entire process, which ensures that our customer is happy with our services! The whole process is simple, quick and hassle-free. It is our duty to ensure that our customers face little displacement during the cleaning process.

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